The Royal relative of the “King of Filipino food adobo”: Longganisa

Adobo, probably the king of all Filipino food. This dish might have been the most popular Filipino dish out there. But what makes adobo special? Probably, because it’s recipe is simple and the taste is exquisite! When popular international media personalities visit the country this dish is surely a must-taste. This dish also has a lot of international recognition. Just last year, Gordon Ramsay judges the GMA battle of the burgers. On which Adobo burger won the competition.

Most of the people probably are not aware that adobo is an Ilocano original dish. This dish became so popular that almost every province in the country has an own version of it. But wait right there, as another Ilocano relative of his majesty “King of Filipino food” is about to enter the picture. I am talking about the Ilocos Garlic longganisa. Longganisa is the Filipino version of Spanish sausage. Although almost every town in the country might have a different version of this said food. The Ilocos Longganisa varies from all of them. Unlike the original longganisa that offers a sweet taste, the Ilocanos made a little alteration to how their longganisa would taste. they gave it a salty-garlicky flavor which took the attention of many visitors and tourists in Ilocos.

Adobo is often served at lunch and dinner but usually not fitted for breakfast. While longganisa can be served at lunch and dinner, it is best for breakfast as it greets your morning with a blast! But take caution of how your breath will smell as the longganisa’s scent may stay for a couple of hours as you belch.