About Us


To provide affordable and good quality longganisa and excellent customer service that satisfies the needs and desires of our customers


Padre’s Meatshoppe aims to be the number 1 producer of safe and quality longganisa not just in the province but all throughout the country


We started the business in the year 1972, when we first started we were just renting a stall in the public market located at Brgy, San Lorenzo Bangui Ilocos Norte. The business is family owned and longganisa is our top and main product. Many years later we were able to have a meat shop of our own. The business is one of its kind in our place. Our product is made out of fresh ground meat that is seasoned with our secret ingredient that was perfected through time and passed down from one generation to another.


We are ambitious towards becoming one of the country’s elite meat shops. We assure that our products are result oriented when it comes to our reputation. Our customers are well respected when negotiating. Aspirational towards competing to be one of the best in the country.


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