Ilocos Norte is well-known to possess a lot of beautiful tourist spots. From the beautiful beaches of Pagudpud, the famous church in Paoay, the uninhabited island of Badoc, and many more. But did you also know that the Ilocos Norte is a food-oriented province? Yes, that’s right, the Ilocanos also love to create flavorful dishes that you can only find in this province. These Ilocos Delicacies are a must-try.

1. Pinakbet

Pinakbet is a popular dish that originated from Ilocos. One of the wonderful food of the province, this delicious delicacy is a mixture of many different vegetables including eggplant, tomatoes, long beans, squash, okra, and bitter melon to add an exquisite bitter taste, cooked in a palayok (claypot) and poured with bagoong (fish sauce)

2. Bagnet

Crispy, tangy, and delicious. Bagnet is one of the premium food of the province. This crispy delicacy takes a lot of time as it goes through a lot of processes before serving. Usually partnered with KBL or kamatis (tomato), bagoong, and lasona (onion relish).

3. Ilocos Longganisa

Similarly to the Spanish chorizo. Longganisa has a lot of versions all throughout the country. The Ilocos Longganisa differs from most of the versions as it does not have a sweet-like flavor. Instead, it is salty and garlicky.

4. Empanada

This popular dish can be found almost anywhere in Ilocos. As it is the favorite snack of the locals, it is often found in the streets of the province. The Ilocos empanada is different from the traditional empanada. It is a mixture of papaya, mung beans, raw egg and sometimes with longganisa and wrapped in a hand-rolled, orange rice flour dough.